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Overnight Boarding

Going out of town & need someone to watch after your pets? We have you covered. Our facility is staffed 24/7, so there will always be someone there to provide a careful watch over your pup while you're away. Club members get 15% off all boarding & pool services.

The Walks

Other daycares charge for walks or don't walk their dogs at all and we just can't get behind that. Dogs boarding with us will receive 3 walks per day. Additional walks can be purchased.

The Pool

Treat your dog and let them lounge by the pool. You can purchase a pass for the day or 10 days worth of passes for a discount. Pool time is generally shared with multiple dogs but private time in the pool is available for purchase. Our pool can be viewed from the front of our facility and we welcome you to stay a while and watch your dog have a blast. 

Pool hours are 9am - 5pm and we always have a lifeguard on duty.


full day
half day
club pass
club pass
club membership
platinum membership

[over 5hr]

[under 5hr]

[10 days, never expires]

[20 days, never expires]

[30 day unlimited daycare]







[30 day unlimited daycare & pool]



pool pass
pool pass
quick splash
private swim
long walk

[per night]

[one day]

[10 day]

1 hour of pool w no daycare]

[30 min solo pool time]

[30 min walk addon]

the social club

When they aren't sleeping, swimming or going of walks - your dog will spend their time in one of our play groups. We separate our dogs by size and there will always be an attendant with the dogs to provide entertainment and to ensure everyone plays nicely.







[*private suites available for additional $10/night]

[additional services]

the food

You are welcome to bring your dog's preferred food and/or treats. There are no meal charges if you bring your own food. Refrigeration space is available if necessary. If you do not supply any food, we use ACANA brand kibble as our house food and are happy to supply meals at $5ea.

All meals are provided in private suites so that the dogs can eat in peace and not feel rushed or the need to protect their food.

sleeping arrangements

We are a cage free facility but we have options for dogs to sleep alone, bunked with a friend, or in our communal area. All dogs will have access to their own beds, blankets, and biscuits.


Private suites are available for an additional $10/night. 

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