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club pass
club pass
club membership

[over 5hr]

[under 5hr]

[10 days, never expires]

[20 days, never expires]

[30 day unlimited daycare]








[additional services]

pool pass
pool pass
quick splash
private swim
long walk


[per night]

[one day]

[10 day]

1 hour of pool w no daycare]

[30 min solo pool time]





[30 min walk addon]



Ours is the most engaging and fun daycare in the Seattle area. Even if you aren't one, our membership program ensures that a lot of the same dogs are at the club each day so your dog is always walking into a room of friendly, familiar faces and not strangers. All dogs staying at least 5 hours get a walk, the pool is available for the dogs that love a swim, and quiet space is available in all play areas for any dogs that need a break from the action.

We are a cage free facility and separate our play groups by size.

 All dogs over 7 months old must be neutered/spayed and maintain updated Rabies, Distemper (DHPP), and Bordetella vaccines.

Clients looking to board their dog overnight, for the first time, must bring their dog in for a half-day of daycare prior to their boarding. This is just as much for the dogs as it is for us. It allows them a chance to familiarize themselves with us, with our facility, and with the other dogs.

*private suites may be booked for an additional $10/night


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